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19 February 2009 @ 02:04 am
 Well i final tabled another 100 rebuy. I only got 6th in the 100rebuy 6max on tilt  for 7k. I lost a 60 40 from ahead for like top 3 in chips but got runner runnered and finsihed 6th. This is my third final table in rebuy's in 10 days and 6 tourneys. I also made another deep run. I feel really good about the way im playing. I'm also getting a little consistency in the sit ngos so im pretty happy. Hopefully i can do well in the 5k or main event here. Wishing my buddy Chalie good luck in the 10k hu today. He's one of my best friends at home and a poker pro. In the first round he played one of my best  friends from poker amak316. Charlie got there ona  big draw verse amak's set and won the match. Both lost 1 of 3 in the first round, but its double elimination. Well i have the 5k tomorrow and the 10k on sat with sunday tourneys. I also got coolered for another huge pot in the cash games here. I don't think im gonna play much more cash here and just chalk up my losses. Wish me luck!

16 February 2009 @ 05:57 am
Well La is cool different from the east coast. So far out here it has been an overall success. I recently started playing rebuys last sunday on stars all 100's and i finished with 2 final tables and 4 cashes totaling near 55k. I'm not running well in the cash games here but the games are great and I think ill do well overall. I only played the 2k live and finished like 28th but only 18 cashed. I don't even know how i got that deep but i didn't get anything going all day. I think im really gonna dow ell in these tourneys im in the zone right now and my new nickname is the rebuy guy.  Well ill post more info when i get more done here in LA. 

Gl on tables,

07 February 2009 @ 12:20 am
Im leaving for LA tomorrow for the sweet cash games and LAPC. Since ill be out there until the end of the month, I don't expect to be playing much online other then during the ftops events ill be playing. Im really looking forward to this trip. Its a great opportunity to make alot of easy money in cash games and I've never been to california. Im sure along with poker ill see and do alot of cool things why im out there and ill update my blog.

As far as online goes im still running bad overall especially on pokerstars. Im also mixing in a few games on cake this year and my user name is buttabiscuit. I think im getting in a little rhythm on full tilt as well and being how ridiculously soft their high stakes are along with the awful play of their red pros i can do severe damage on there if i start to run hot.  I really hope to get out of this funk on stars its liek never ending death cant win a race run. Every 565 i get to i bubble to a 3 outer. Its really frustrating but ill jsut be happy if i can win overall. Maybe this extra time ill be taking away from online will help.

K well thats it for now ill be posting why im in LA

02 February 2009 @ 06:22 pm
Well its been quite some time since my last post. Im bringing the blog back to hopefully bring some good karma. Ill give like a 5 month recap. Well in late sept up until the the first few days of november i had prolly the sickest month of any single table sit n go player ever. I though i was ready to break my stride and bust onto the scene. Then.......Colossal downsing. ...

Since around november 4th  im pretty much on the worst downswing of any top tier single table sit n go player but im just gonna keep on fighting through it. people say it has to do with table selection at times i was going for elite however i dont really think that has to do with me losing. It may drop my roi a bit but since i was going for elite it was worth it. However i still continue to get my money in from way ahead a majority of the time and have just run incredibly awful in flips. During this time though i was playing in some big live mtts. I've had great success in them and if i ran well late could be much richer. In december i went to vegas for the 5 diamond wpt events.  The first event i played was a 5k and i finished 3rd for a 90k score. I played probably the best i ever played in a live tourney since it was overall a tough field. Of course the worst player at the final table won it, but what else is new. Im not gonna get into how i lost but to make a long story short he made a really bad called for over 75% of the chips in play and got lucky. However, i think this was a great confidence booster and good start to hopefully continued success in live tournies. I played another 5k and the 15k main event and in both i got it in on flop with top set way ahead and got unlucky in both hands. I guess thats poker. From there i went to the pca where i pretty much got unlucky in the pca itself and a side 5 event but was never really deep in either but could have a  good chance maybe if i wasn't unfortunate. Atlantis was fun though and would recommend to everyone to get there at some point even if your not playing.

Just this past week the borgata hosted a bunch of events. It finished with a 3k deep stack main event. It was a phenominal tourney and incredible structure. I played once again great poker and finished 12th. My prize was just under 40k. I went into the final day starting with 27 players 5th in chips and had a really good chance to win. I got 3 outed in 2 really big pots and eventually went card dead being forced to shove my button with just over 10bb. Overall im happy with how i been playing and hope i can get out of this funk online. Im leaving for LA this weekend where i hope to beat up on soft cash games and do well in these tournaments. Ill start updating my blog at least once a week and good luck on the tables.

11 August 2008 @ 09:53 pm

Its been a while since my last post but blog is back for about 3 updates a week. Im not gonna post my stats so much cause im lazy and alot has happened since my last post.

As i stated i had a bad gambling problem and had a huge debt. I was able to jsut about pay it off and hit a bad run. I also stated that i was looking for staking for wsop so i asked Bryn Kenney. He offered to stake me but wanted all ym action. After pondering my options i decided this was the best option. With this i could play any tourney i wanted at wsop which i was +ev in which is literally every NL tourney even though i didnt play everyone. But also i could play unlimited games and not have to worry about ym swings and play way more 565 and 1ks. Ive done pretty well overall for bryn the series was a little rough but i did real well in 2500 6 max getting 27th for a little over 12k. I got really sick and ahd to leave before the main event but thats another story.

I recently got signed by sngicons.com. I got a pretty good offer and figured i could definitely use the extra money since im jsut getting out of debt and starting to build now. i could be rich already if i wasnt an idiot but ill be fine. Bryn helped me out a good bit with my mtt game i ahd one really good cahs in teh 320 for 20k and i should have won it but ive been playing really well just cant seem to catch a  break. I make 6max videos for sngicons obv and will eb doing 2 a month.

Well thats about it for now. Ill be posting as much as i can.

26 February 2008 @ 06:18 pm
 its beena  while since my last post. Ive been so busy which has affected my volume and playing time. Even though i been putting in hours i planned on putting in a ton of hours first 3 months of year since i wouldnt be multi tabling much. Im mainly playin 3 tables at a time. SOmetimes a 4th and 5th table. My plan is to run 3 thru mid to late march tehn add a 4th until a get back from Monte Carlo. Once i get back i will 6 table through my stay in vegas at teh wsop. when i return home i will add 7-8 tables.  Maybe a 9th and 10th for last 2 months of year lets see how it works out. Also ive realized how hard it is to reach supernova elite. I been on a heater past few days so im pretty happy but obv it has to come and end fast because i leave for mexico tomorrow. Ill eb there through march 5th. Be back on tables March 6th. Im really looking forward to this vacation. i could use some time off and away.  I played 2 sit ng os today jsut to reach 105 vpp. I only planned on making 60k vp for first two months  anyway but with unexpected time off and the serious connection issues only coming up 15k light is good. I could have easily has 135-150. Im confident i cam still get supernova elite with a little help. As the year goes on ill be mixing in more 500 hu and 6 max games so that should help. Why im in vegas and later on in year im gonna have a couple friends play on my name. Mainly 50 and 100 hu only. One is a 20$ stake player who does relatively well so i have no reason to believe he cant win 50's tehy might eb teh biggest joke on this site the 5- hus. Other has potential but is a headcase on the tables and frightens me but ill give him a shot. mayeb if hes freerolling ina stake he has no reason to blow up and tilt its not like hes losing his money. Well i gotta get ready for my trip so im just gonna catch up on my stats. Some days are grouped together cause i was frustrated with running abd or super busy.


Daily profit: -1312
Hrs played: 7 hrs


Daily profit: +3443.10
Hrs played:  9 hrs


Daily profit: -5855
hrs played: 26 hrs




Daily profit: +18
Hrs played: 7.5 hrs


Daily profit: +2609.15
Hrs played: 13.5


Daily profit: +3134.75
Hrs played: 8 hrs


Daily Profit: -1053.90
Hrs played: 6.5


Daily profit: -1410.50
Hrs played:  6hrs


Daily profit: +2752.75
Hrs played: 7.5 hrs


Daily Profit:  +4483
Hrs played: 7 hrs


Daily profit:  +1559.85
Hrs played: 9 hrs


Daily profit: 1388.11 +500 bonus=1888.11
Hrs played: 7hrs


Daily profit: +2737.95
Hrs played: 5 hrs


Daily profit: -460
Hrs played: .5 hrs

Online profit: +38,052.04
Bonuses: +9500
Live: +785
Total profit: +48,337.04
Hrs played: 342.5

Hourly Rate:  $141.13
08 February 2008 @ 04:47 am

Well its been a ahile since my last entry. I took a couple dyas off plus another day since then dude to dreadful internet. Its been really rough since my last post until tonight. I had a great day today and im just gonna post my stats. I also booked my plane ticket for monte carlo today should be fun. Set up so me and jared meet in philly he can come to my house for a few hours hang out see the ghetto and we go back to aero porto. I won another multi on ft. Buy in is 75$ but tis 15 of it goes to a knockout so everytime u knock someone out you get their 15$ i places first obv and won lil over 6500 with knockouts. mayeb even over 6600. I would also like to state that my internet has cost me over 4500 in buy ins this year not to mention how many of them i woulda cashed in. Sigh i run so good in life


Daily profit: -1824.50
6 hrs played


Daily profit: -947
3 hrs played




Daily profit: +133.29
7.5 hrs played




Daily profit: +316.50
8 hrs played


Daily profit: +580.14
7 hrs played


Daily profit: +688
5.5 hrs played


Daily profit: +10, 069.65 (almost all on ft.. i won like 500 on stars)
11.5 hrs played (thanks to this mtt)

Yearly profit:

Online profit: +26,016.78
Bonuses: +9000
live: +785
total profit: 35,801.78
hrs played: 223

Hourly rate: $160.55

30 January 2008 @ 05:15 am
  Well i had a rough day on teh tables as far as sit n gos. Im not gonna type much but get to the point. I played the 77 6max and won it. I absolutely dominated rofm 18 players on. I even got a oretty low stack and never once put my chips in behind. Mostly always in dominating pos or close ot teh nuts already. the play was dreadful. I went into ft slight cl was shorty then jsut dominated. Paid 56 and change and clamface had 10% of me as he played in it and we gave each other 10%. Good investment by him.


Daily profit: +5414.97
11 hrs played (but last 2-3 hours i was only playing the multi) but ill say 11

Yearly profit

Online profit: +17000.70
total profit: +26,785.70
hrs played : 175.5

Hourly rate: $152.63
29 January 2008 @ 01:55 am
 Today was another atrocious day on the tables. Id be scared to kno my results if i ran half decent. I cant win 9 handed good chance im retiring them. I barely win dominating hands a race forget it. I got a hand to post to show my luck inr aces and when i take complete control of a hand. I kno its poker but it exemplifies how i run. People say i get lucky but u have ot really watch me to get it. I bet 75% of the tournies i occasionally get lcuky in tehy get relucky 2 or 3 times before i bust out completely cancelling out me getting lucky. Once again i did well hu and somehow came out on top. How do i do it. Am i human? 

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to kenny05 [5h 5c]
Jorj95: folds
kenny05: raises 300 to 450
chunkyrabbit: folds
Handicaper26: raises 2085 to 2535 and is all-in
shini_333: folds
poker_lord76: folds
kenny05: calls 1365 and is all-in
*** FLOP *** [4h Kc 3h]
*** TURN *** [4h Kc 3h] [5s]
kenny05 said, "obv"
*** RIVER *** [4h Kc 3h 5s] [2c]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
kenny05: shows [5h 5c] (three of a kind, Fives)
Handicaper26: shows [Ad Kd] (a straight, Ace to Five)
kenny05 said, "omg"
Handicaper26 collected 3855 from pot

Daily profit:+158.95
6.5 hrs played
28 January 2008 @ 01:38 am

Today was the first time in forever no football was on, which was really depressing me and couldnt distract me when i was runnign bad. Today started out ridiculously brutal. But i was mixing in 550 turbo hus here and there with mainly table selection adn went 9-1 which salvaged my day. Im really starting to get frustarted in the 9 mans cause i can't even stress enough how awful the play is and im jsut runnign so abd in them. If its a race forget about it i lost and i get my chips in dominating position so much and i jsut can't win. Its gross. I ran dreadful in6  mans as well today but had a solid run 6 handed toward the end but hu mainly saved me. I think 2 of tehm 550 were from yesterday. I won 9 in a row before losing my last. I also plaed 2 multis today the 215 hu tourney. i lsot in round 2. I also played the 77 6max and doubled once then went card dead and ran ak into 44. He made quads gg me. I think i lsot like 400 playing cash too. I didnt keep a cash log just a log for my overall profit on day. Ill jsut post my stats and that will be it.

daily profit:+927.50
9 hrs played